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The Ideal Multi-Use Home and Garden Bag

 All GoBeGreen bags have no heavy metals or allergen additives, and are BPA free. Our all-new Eco bag is made from a unique bio based film that is a blend of Canola Oil and Polyester. The Eco Bag is 100% Recyclable on the PET Line    and reduces carbon emisssons by more than 58% in the manufacturing process. Production of the Canola Oil bag compared to the Original Nylon bag saves 65,200 lbs of carbon emission per million bags. Click here to learn what else is not found in GoBeGreen bags. 

Bag Uses 

• Use to Bake, Boil, Microwave, Freeze and Preserve

• Store produce, baked goods, pantry items, leftovers, coffee, dried herbs and spices

• Use as a liner for slow cookers 

• Use to prevent odor when composting

• Pack travel toiletries, workout items and medications

• Keeps supplies dry and smell proof while hiking and camping

• Use to sterilize fertilizer, tools and utensils in the oven

• Use to germinate seeds


 Bag Properties (all GoBeGreen bags)

• Effective odor barrier

• Effective microbial barrier

• Highly durable and puncture resistant

• Anti-leak double strength seams

• 18 x 25 inches and weigh approx. 16-17 grams

• Have a weight capacity of up to 24 lbs

• Withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -100°f to +400°f


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